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About Parent Company (ILFSL)

International Leasing And Financial Services Limited (ILFSL), a multi product joint venture financial institution has been established with the purpose of assisting the productive enterprises in Bangladesh through the provision of lease financing and related financial services for development of the industrial, energy, agricultural, transportation, construction, telecommunication, power, medical, commercial and professional sectors. 
To serve with flexibility and care. To rise high with our stakeholders.
To materialize our vision , we are pursuing proactive approach which has been reaping benefit for all our stakeholders. This is manifested by our various business growth rates. We have been continually introducing appropriate and innovative financial products as required by our clients. Our quest for newer financial solutions goes on and we are strong enough to take dynamic action to keep up our momentum.
  • Commitment towards the development of industrial and fianacial sectors by offering diverse, innovative financial products and solutions.
  • Continuous drive in improving our services tailored to clilent's needs.
  • Pursue proactive approach for reaping maximum benefits for all the stakeholders.
  • Attach importance to Human Resources Management and provide job satisfaction for all, with equal opportunities for career development.
  • Serve for well-being of the society.
Grow with the customers, who have always been at the centre of ILFSL activity and maintain the highest degree of financial & business ethics in all transactions.